Sweet move! Sugar in your fuel tank

New petrol mix made of biofuel could cut emissions by 750,000 tonnes

Renewable energy jobs continue to boom, reaching 11.5m in 2019

The solar photovoltaics sector now accounts for around 3.8 million jobs, according to a new report

US ethanol exports witness ‘first dip in four years’

Brazil, Canada and India remain the largest import markets of US ethanol, despite registering a demand shortfall in 2019

Risk of beer shortages as carbon dioxide supplies from ethanol plants runs low

The Renewable Fuels Association has warned economic damage will ‘go far beyond the ethanol sector’

Veolia produces hand sanitiser for waste and energy workers

The company has been using its own specialist laboratory facilities in Ellesmere Port to manufacture the sanitiser

BP and Bunge bond over bioenergy in Brazil

The joint venture aims to become a highly efficient producer of sugarcane ethanol and generate renewable electricity

Motorists ‘losing out due to government hesitancy on green fuels’

That’s according to the All Party Parliamentary Group for British Bioethanol, which says the delay is unwarranted

New enzyme-based biofuel technology? Scientists break it down

Researchers at Imperial College London have enhanced the process of turning plant-based biomass into valuable products

BP and DuPont joint firm buys new ethanol business

A joint venture between BP and chemical firm DuPont has bought a new ethanol business in the US. Butamax Advanced Fuels hopes the acquisition of Nesika Energy and its manufacturing site will advance the commercialisation of bio-isobutanol, which it plans to start producing alongside the ethanol already being made at the facility. Bio-isobutanol is a cost […]

US sees record ethanol exports in 2015

Exports of ethanol from the US reached their highest level in four years in 2015. They totalled 844 million gallons, a slight increase from the previous year and second to the 1.2 billion gallons exported in 2011, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). The nation’s imports of ethanol also rose from 73 million […]