US energy storage installations skyrocket 240% in third quarter of 2020

The US battery energy storage market is set to soar from 1.2GW in 2020 to nearly 7.5GW in 2025, according to a report

European surveillance body greenlights Norway’s €2.1bn carbon capture and storage project

The project will see the development of carbon capture facilities at a cement factory and a waste-to-energy plant and the storage of CO2 below the seabed in the North Sea

European Space Agency launches new tool to combat climate change

The new technology will make it possible to track and attribute methane emissions around the world

Blue skies across Europe as coronavirus lockdown slashes air pollution

The change in the amount of nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere is particularly broad in Paris, Milan and Madrid, according to the European Space Agency

A view of Earth from the moon
Could moon mining mission be the key to sustainable rocket fuel?

The European Space Agency and ArianeGroup suggest regolith ore in space could prove a valuable resource

Scottish ‘pint-sized’ satellites to monitor climate change

They were launched at 4.27am from Sriharikota in India today by the Indian Space Research Organisation

E.ON uses satellite imagery to tackle fuel poverty

It has teamed up with space experts to use near real-time and archived data to reduce heat loss in homes

UK-built satellite launched to map global air pollution

  A UK-built satellite has been launched from Russia with the mission to monitor the world’s air pollution. The 820kg Sentinel-5 Precursor is the sixth satellite under Europe’s leading environmental programme, Copernicus, which monitors the atmosphere to help understand the spread of key pollutants and their impact on the planet. The new satellite carries an […]

US energy storage firms come together

US energy storage company, the Electricity Storage Association (ESA) has signed agreements to work with industry groups in three states: California; New York and Texas. Brad Roberts, Executive Director of ESA said: “ESA focuses primarily on the federal sector but needs to make inroads in states; these organizations are perfect leverage points.” Based in Washington […]