‘More than half of Britons want to become greener after the lockdown’

A total of 64% of people said they would find it easier to take smaller steps than make big changes to reduce their carbon footprints, according to a new survey

Ocean Stewardship Fund awards fifteen fisheries and research projects with £650k

Funds will support projects on their pathway to protect oceans and safeguard seafood supplies

‘Climate inaction could trigger pandemics worse than coronavirus’

Deforestation, intensive farming, mining and infrastructure development have created a ‘perfect storm’ for the transfer of diseases from wildlife to people, according to a recent report

Industry aims to reduce offshore wind market barriers

The four-year project is backed by some of the world’s biggest energy companies

UK MPs demand fashion brand bosses to disclose environmental impacts

The Environmental Audit Committee has written to 10 retailers to find out how they are mitigating them

New taskforce to focus on smart tech to boost business resource efficiency

Its core mission is to address the regional productivity gap in the UK

First international standard for sustainable procurement

The first international standard to help businesses develop and implement sustainable purchasing practices and policies has been launched. The International Organisation for Standardisation has published ISO 20400 for sustainable procurement, enabling companies to vet their supply chains for ethical and environmental impacts. The new standard provides guidelines for integrating sustainability into an organisation’s procurement policy […]

All BBC programmes to track carbon footprints

All BBC programmes will soon have to track their carbon footprint. From April, it will be made mandatory to use the Albert carbon calculator, a scheme to help understand the environmental impacts generated by TV programme production and to promote more sustainable ways of working. Originally devised by the BBC, the calculator has become a respected industry standard internationally. It helps […]

Russia ‘cutting nuclear plant’s environmental impact’

Russia has used innovative techniques at one of its nuclear power plant to reduce its impact on the environment. That was the findings of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) team of experts, which added the Novovorenezh Nuclear Power Plant has improved safety in recent years. It follows the Operational Safety Review Team’s (OSART) 19-day […]

EU issues ‘minimum principles’ for fracking

The European Commission has backed away from EU-wide legislation on fracking and has instead issued “minimum principles” for member states. It had been considering binding rules covering environmental damage and safety for fracking however pro-shale gas nations such as the UK and Poland warned that adding more red tape would prevent the EU from taking […]