Scientists develop transparent wood ‘five times more thermally efficient than glass’

The new material, which uses wood from the fast-growing, low-density balsa tree, proves to be more durable and lighter than glass, according to research

Brits spend £584m on energy bills every year keeping pets warm at home

Nearly 28% of pet owners put the radio on every day for their pets while 25% leave the television on every day, according to a new report

UK council offers free A-rated central heating scheme for energy and carbon savings

Residents in Hambleton will benefit from the council scheme, which has already installed systems in 14 households

Ey Up! Northerners are ‘champions of energy switching’

Citizens in Northern towns and cities are almost twice as savvy as Londoners, according to a report

Portsmouth residents save £800k on energy bills with council scheme

Hundreds of households received fully funded gas central heating system, energy top-ups and free boiler replacements

Southampton Council installs energy-saving lightbulbs for free to reduce electricity bills

The initiative is a part of the council’s strategy for carbon-neutrality by 2030

New EU tyre labels roll out to drive fuel savings and mute noise pollution

The tyre labels will show information about the tyre’s rolling resistance, which affects fuel consumption and external noise

‘More than 90% of UK non-domestic solar arrays are underperforming financially’

The most common issue of commercial solar underperformance is poor PV output, according to a new report

ESB and Harmony Solar partner to power 10% of Irish homes with renewable energy

The collaboration aims to deliver 1,000MW of solar projects through a €30m investment

‘Uptake of renewables will intensify after the coronavirus crisis’

That’s the suggestion of Ian Gadsby, Managing Director of Ylem Energy, who spoke to ELN about the real impact of coronavirus pandemic on the energy sector