COVID-19, Brexit, LNG supply – EDF’s James Chaplin explains what’s affecting the UK Power Market this winter

As we entered this winter there were many uncertainties ahead, even more so than normal with weather, LNG supply, Brexit and COVID-19 at the forefront of the market. These uncertainties have certainly not disappointed with high volatility seen over the past few months.

From Overhead To Opportunity: How Monetising Your CHP is Good For Your Business and Good For The Grid

Achieving optimum efficiency from a CHP plant starts with correctly sizing and specifying it to meet site demand.

What will the power market look like after the pandemic?

Will the UK electricity landscape ever return to ‘normal’? Since the first lockdown was introduced on 23 March 2020, electricity demand in the UK has fallen by an enormous amount.

All About Carbon

The surprising strength of carbon prices and their impact on the power market

Coronavirus crisis has ‘severe impact’ on global energy and oil markets

Global oil demand in 2020 will be down around 90,000 barrels a day from 2019, according to the latest report from International Energy Agency

Guest Blog: Jo Butlin – Localised energy markets – the new energy norm?

It was a record breaking 2019 Easter weekend with the whole country revelling in end to end sunshine. Fewer people would have been aware that the 90 hours of continuous generation with no coal on the system was also record breaking.

Only 20 nations use 91% of global energy

A staggering 91% of the entire planet’s electricity is used by only 20 nations. The disparity in energy usage is highlighted in new research published by GoCompare Energy, which shows despite there being 196 countries in the world, power output is not distributed evenly. China consumes around 4,921 terawatt-hours (TWh) each year, followed by the […]

Global energy demand ‘slows for third year in a row’

Global energy demand in 2016 slowed for the third year in a row. That’s according to the latest Statistical Review of World Energy from BP, which reveals the demand growth that does continue to exist is moving towards the rapidly developing economies of Asia. In 2016, global energy demand grew by just 1%, around half […]

National Grid launches balancing services consultation

National Grid has launched a consultation ahead of releasing its new balancing services strategy. The announcement comes as the transmission system operator seeks to meet the rapidly evolving demands of an increasingly decentralised and flexible energy system. National Grid’s current balancing services have been the target of complaints suggesting they’re are not accessible to all potential providers, […]

Project financing in the energy industry remains robust

New project financing in the energy industry remains robust. That’s according to a new report from S&P Global Ratings, which suggests in the last two years, continental Europe has attracted strong renewable investment, including offshore and onshore wind portfolios and a range of transportation deals. In the UK, the government has continued to encourage renewable energy projects with the creation […]