‘We want collaboration, not competition’

Third party intermediaries (TPIs) and energy suppliers need to work more closely together. That was one of the main messages from the panel debate today at the Energy Live Consultancy Conference (ELCC) at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. The debate spanned a range of important energy issues, including the impending deregulation of the water market, […]

Encourage the good energy brokers that exist

The industry should encourage the good brokers that exist and help make changes from within. That’s the view of independent gas supplier CNG, which states it will only work with good brokers and those who do “good things”. The comment follows news the code of practice for third party intermediaries (TPIs), which has had a […]

Brokers’ Code of Practice ditched… for now

The code of practice for energy brokers and third party intermediaries (TPIs) proposed by Ofgem is being ditched – for now. The code is a set of standards that sets the benchmark for responsible, high quality TPIs who act as intermediaries between business customers and suppliers. It is supposed to protect business energy users from […]

A day at the Energy Live Consultancy Conference

  ELN goes to Manchester for the first Energy Live Consultancy Conference at Etihad Stadium to discuss the issues facing the TPI sector.

Award-winning energy consultancy snapped up

A UK energy consultancy has been snapped up by a procurement services company for an undisclosed amount. UES Energy’s two main shareholders will join the senior leadership team at Inprova’s energy division. UES Energy covers a number of sectors in the UK including manufacturing, food, education, service and leisure, with clients such as National Grid […]

Seek a business partner in an energy broker, firms advised

Getting prices from lots of different brokers is a “poor way” of going around to find a good energy deal in the market. That’s according to Mark Alston, Director at ENER-G Procurement, who also believes a lot of the time businesses “jump straight to a price discussion”. He suggests firms should regard it as a […]

Should Ofgem publish a list of bad energy brokers?

Father Christmas has lists of children who are naughty and nice – should there be the same for energy brokers? That was the gist of a question posed at energy watchdog Ofgem’s first meeting of a working party to talk about a new code to whip energy brokers and third party intermediaries (TPIs) into shape. It […]

Guest Blog: Peter Nisbet – It’s a buyer’s market out there

As regulators prepare to probe concerns over lack of competition in the domestic energy market, they don’t need to look too far to see what healthy rivalry looks like in action. The emergence of a number of new business energy suppliers is leading to some aggressive elbowing for market share. These smaller suppliers are keen […]

EXCLUSIVE: Ofgem says industry must share “responsibility” for breakdown in TPI trust

Energy watchdog Ofgem has told ELN it wants the energy industry to “take responsibility” for the lack of trust which business energy customers feel towards suppliers and energy brokers. “Rogue” third party intermediaries or TPIs – which are middlemen between customers and suppliers – are meant to be weeded out by plans for new code […]

Blog: How do you define an energy TPI?

If I was shipwrecked and only left with one book, it would be a dictionary. The Oxford English, to be precise. Hangover from my lit degree, yes – but why? For a start, I blimmin’ love new words. And it would be so frustrating to never know what that word floating in the back of […]