New York’s clean economy employed nearly 160k workers last year

The state’s clean energy economy has seen 8.9% employment growth since 2016, nearly double the growth of its overall economy

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Angry boss
Is your energy boss bad or brilliant?

A recent survey shows how energy industry employees rated their relationship with their superiors

Encouraging staff to cut energy use 'can save firms £300m'

UK bosses are “missing out on £300 million worth of savings a year” by failing to engage employees in reducing energy and waste in the workplace. New research released by the Carbon Trust highlights that while 92% of workers are concerned about the cost of energy at home, only 47% have the same concern for […]

SSE becomes UK’s largest Living Wage employer

Scottish energy company SSE became the UK’s largest officially accredited Living Wage employer today. The supplier which has nearly 20,000 staff across the UK says it will guarantee all employees at least £7.45 an hour. The Living Wage rate is set at a level which means people can cover their basic cost of living including […]

Workers in green companies ‘more productive’

People who work at green companies are “more productive” than those who aren’t working in eco-friendly firms. That’s according to a US researcher who looked at how a firm’s environmental commitment affects its productivity. The study found employees in companies that adopt ‘green’ measures are 16% more productive than average employees. Professor Magali Delmas, an […]

Facebook user’s carbon footprint – the same as a latte

Facebook has announced its carbon footprint for the first time – and revealed each of its users generate 269 grams a year, roughly the same as one medium latte, or three large bananas. Mark Zuckerberg’s website, founded in 2004, has a total annual carbon footprint of 285,000 metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent (MT CO2e) last […]