World celebrates US return to Paris Accord under President Biden

The UN Chief António Guterres, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the COP26 President were among the first to hail Biden’s move

French drivers get €7,000 incentive to go electric

The support of the French EV market is part of an €8 billion rescue plan for the automotive industry in the wake of coronavirus pandemic

Nuclear power station with French flag background
France bids adieu to 14 of its nuclear power stations

President Emmanuel Macron has announced the reactors will be shut down by 2035

Macron tells Trump he will back Paris climate deal

French President-elect Emmanuel Macron has told Donald Trump he will support the climate change deal agreed in Paris in 2015. According to his spokesperson Laurence Haim, he spoke to the US president yesterday following his victory. She told CNN Mr Macron and Mr Trump discussed issues such as terrorism, transatlantic relations and climate change during […]

French president-elect backs renewable energy

French President-elect Emmanuel Macron has set a target to double the nation’s wind and solar capacity by 2022. He made the pledge during an event prior to winning the presidential race. Mr Macron also aims to exit from coal-based energy production in the fight against global warming and move towards alternative, renewable energy sources. In […]