‘US renewable power generation surpasses coal generation for 40 days’

In 2019, renewable generation in the US exceeded that of coal for 38 days, according to a new report

Weekday Irish electricity demand drops 20%

Electricity demand levels are also 254MW lower across the day over the same period last year

Covid-19 pandemic ‘hurts fossil fuel sector’

That’s the result of a decrease in electricity demand due to production halts in major factories globally, according to a new report

‘Clapping for NHS led to 950MW spike in electricity demand’

The spike was caused when people went back inside their homes and turned kettles and appliances on

How did the Queen’s coronavirus address affect the National Grid?

National Grid ESO says the televised message generated approximately 600MW of TV pick-up, equivalent to 190,000 ovens being turned on at once

Belgian offshore wind energy breaks record

The month saw record production of 803GWh thanks to ‘exceptionally favourable’ wind conditions and winter storms Ciara and Dennis

Renewables ‘could decarbonise and hit demand at same time’

Wind and solar can now provide power at or below the cost of traditional sources in a growing number of countries. That’s according to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), which says this makes renewables more appealing for countries seeking to meet growing electricity demand and decarbonise their energy system at the same time. However, since variable renewable […]

£125k boost for energy demand management ideas

A project aimed at innovative solutions for electricity demand management in the country has boosted the prize for its competition. Dynamic Demand Challenge – run by Nesta, Imperial College London and the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) – was initially offering £50,000 for entrepreneurs who can offer the best technology that demonstrates a shift in demand […]

Smarter business energy use ‘could cut demand by 75%’

Businesses could help cut the UK’s energy demand by three quarters just by turning off non-essential equipment such as air con, heating and lighting at times of peak demand. A study by researchers from the University of Reading working with KiWi Power found electricity demand from some industry sites including telecoms centres could be slashed […]

National Grid braced for World Cup demand

As the World Cup kicks off, the National Grid is gearing up to meet the massive electricity demand expected during England’s televised matches. If England reach the World Cup final, the National Grid is forecasting that it could cause a record-breaking surge of 3,000 megawatts. The equivalent to 1.2 million kettles being turned on at […]