Airbus secures ‘climate change space contract’ to help protect Earth

The new contract will enable climate scientists to better compare and calibrate data from satellites and allow much more accurate forecasts and analysis to be made

Airbus to develop thermal instrument to support Franco-Indian climate satellite

Observations from the new satellite are expected to enhance the understanding of the water cycle and better define the impacts of climate change

Panda bear
One million plant and animal species ‘now at threat of extinction’

A new report says suggests human behaviours means many of these organisms could die out within decades

New infrared detectors to track global pollutants from space

First flight of the forecasting device is scheduled for 2022

Resource extraction
Global resource extraction ‘has more than tripled since 1970’

UN Environment says the annual extraction of materials grew from 27 billion tonnes to 92 billion tonnes over the period

NASA to launch new laser to track Earth’s polar ice loss

The new technology will measure the height change of ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica ‘to within the width of a pencil’

‘Journey to Mars will change how we live on Earth’

Mars One CEO Bas Lansdorp thinks it will help people appreciate Earth more and introduce useful new technologies

“Clear” human influence on climate change says IPCC

There has been “unequivocal” warming of the Earth’s climate according to a new report from an influential UN research body which finds it is “extremely likely” that humans have been the dominant cause of observed global warming since the mid-20th century. Today the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its latest report on climate […]

NASA aircraft takes off for climate change check

US space agency NASA is sending research aircraft into the Earth’s upper atmosphere to discover to how a warming climate is changing Earth. The remotely piloted Global Hawk aircraft which can make 30-hour flights will fly as high as 65,000ft above the tropical Pacific Ocean. Beginning in January the six research flights will study the […]

Blog: Can energy managers learn from the Curiosity rover?

Fly a shuttle to Mars and play music back from outer space? No problem. Can we cut our energy use with the same impressive execution? Can we heck! In the same week the Curiosity rover pinged a dreadful pop track by back to Earth from Mars, came the death of the man who took one […]