France freezes fuel duty rise in face of widespread protests

The tax hike to encourage a shift towards cleaner transport has been suspended for six months

‘Fuel tax freeze should be fuel tax cut’

Campaigners against fuel taxes say the longest duty freeze in history should be turned into an actual reduction. FairFuelUK say Philip Hammond, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, needs to accept that lower fuel prices are better for the economy and should do something about it in tomorrow’s Autumn Statement. The group use George Osborne’s continued […]

Petrol stations slam DfT over fuel price allegations

RMI Petrol, the trade association representing petrol stations and forecourt operators, has blasted the Department for Transport for issuing “damaging comments” over the price it sells fuel at. Transport Secretary Justine Greening said retailers should pass on savings to their customers. She said: “Petrol prices go up instantly when wholesale prices rise, but when there […]

Fuel duty regulator called for on Fair Fuel day

Plaid Cymru leader Elfyn Llwyd has reignited the fight for a fuel duty regulator to stop prices rising too much at the pump. A protest is taking place later today outside Westminster to campaign for cuts fuel duty on petrol and diesel. The price at the pumps soared to over £1.50 a litre this week. […]