Ofgem gives £9m to hydrogen research facility

Cash part of £12.7 million project investigating how transmission assets could transport hydrogen in the future

Durham University to divest from fossil fuel firms

It has committed to become an international partner in the development of green energy

Durham Uni students showcase solar car in London

Students from Durham University are showcasing their latest solar powered car in London. Visitors attending the London Motor Show this week will expect to see some of the latest developments and trends that will shape the future of the car industry. The 50-strong ‘Durham University Electric Motorsport’ (DUEM) team, the only university carmaker presenting at […]

Fracking ‘not significant’ cause of earthquakes

Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is “not a significant” cause of earthquakes, according to research released today. The new study of hundreds of thousands of fracking operations by Durham University found the process has only caused earth tremors that could be felt on the surface in three cases. Fracking cracks open rock deep underground to extract […]

Human waste project trumps the Bill Gates competition

A team of researchers from British Universities has been granted funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a prototype system for recovering drinkable water and harvesting hydrogen energy from human faecal waste. The team of researchers from Imperial College London, the University of Manchester and Durham University beat more than 2,000 other […]

Geothermal projects get £1.1m funding

The government’s Deep Geothermal Challenge Fund has issued £1.1m to three geothermal projects. In the second round of cash allocations, the money has been divided between Keele University, Cofily District Energy, and a joint venture between Newcastle and Durham universities. Deep geothermal energy uses the natural heat found miles underground to produce electricity and heat […]