Government shows green spirit with £10m dram of funding for distillery industry

The move aims to help businesses switch to low carbon fuels such as hydrogen, biomass, geothermal power and repurposed waste

Irn-Bru manufacturer signs renewable supply deal with Vattenfall

The agreement will see AG Barr buy 22GWh of fossil-free power a year in order to power its factories and other sites more sustainably

Lucozade Sport to trial edible bubble packaging

The brand will hand out sustainable packets of their drinks at sporting events in September

Energy costs ‘halting food companies’ growth’

Three quarters of food and drink manufacturers in the UK said coping with rising energy bills have affected their decisions to expand their businesses. It comes as the costs of two elements of the government’s Electricity Market Reform (EMR) – Contracts for Difference (CfDs) and Capacity Market – will start to appear on the bills […]

Blog: Boozing in the dark – trendsetting or worrying?

Cruising into east London for a birthday bash last weekend, I was ready for an unofficial national pastime – boozing down the pub. Arriving fashionably late, dusk had well and truly settled on the bicycle-filled, skinny jeans-littered streets of Shoreditch. Pushing through to the darkened interior, I thought I was witnessing the beginning of a […]