New partnership mooves to convert dairy methane to natural gas

Dominion Energy and Vanguard Renewables have announced a partnership worth more than $200m to generate the renewable fuel

Environmentally-friendly plant-based milk on the rise

Around 37% of 16-24 year olds who have reduced their cow milk intake say they have done so as a result of environmental factors

Dairy cows
Dairy farms moove towards carbon free future

Arla Foods has unveiled plans to become completely carbon neutral by 2050

Investors urge fast food giants to speed up climate action

They are urging organisations to set ‘tough targets’ to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water usage of their meat and dairy suppliers

Meat and dairy emissions ‘could surpass those from largest oil firms’

Only four of the top 35 meat and dairy companies currently provide comprehensive emissions estimates

Ecotricity launches ‘world’s first vegan electricity’ tariff

The supplier says vegan or vegeterian customers are unaware a portion of their energy are provided using waste meat and dairy products

Dairy cows enjoy air-con luxury in Qatar’s desert

Dairy cows are the unlikely inhabitants of huge air-conditioned sheds in the deserts of Qatar. A dairy business is aiming to provide the country’s milk after trade boycotts from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain cut off its supply. Baladna Farm, located about 55 kilometres from the capital city of Doha, uses the […]

Irish dairy plant to milk benefits of €5.5m biomass project

An Irish dairy plant has begun work on a  €5.5 million (£4.6m) biomass project. The plant at Ballaghadereen in the west of Ireland processes milk from 1,000 dairy farmers. The new biomass project will supply 15MW of steam power to the plant using woodchip from forests in the west and north west of Ireland. It […]

Moo! Study to cut emissions from cow burps

Danish researchers have mooted an idea they believe will cut the greenhouse gases from farming cattle – by measuring their burps. One cow’s belches in a year contain so much methane they are currently equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by a small car. The global warming potential of methane is about 25 […]

Farmers making strides in renewable energy

Farmers in the UK are increasingly producing their own renewable energy. At the launch this week of The Greening Campaign, which aims to incentivise communities into climate change adaptation, Madeleine Lewis, strategic advisor of Farming Futures, said: “Farmers are in the front line of climate change.” She said that a recent survey found that 39% […]