Fylde council votes against fracking

The local council in Fylde, Lancashire voted against approving planning applications for fracking at several sites this week. Gas company Cuadrilla Resources wants to extract shale gas at sites including Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood. The final decision will be made by Lancashire County Council. At the hearing Fylde council hearing on Wednesday, Graham Daniels […]

RSPB opposes fracking, Church of England begs to differ

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has piped up with concerns about fracking for shale oil and gas in Lancashire over fears for local wildlife. The nature group is worried the drilling technique – cracking open shale rock deep underground with a highly pressured mix of water – could pose a risk to […]

Fracking protestors complain of “heavy-handed” police

Several arrests were made today after anti-shale gas protestors were forcibly moved from blocking the entrance to a drilling site in Sussex. It makes a second day of protest action from local residents and activists at the shale gas drilling firm Cuadrilla Resource’s site in Balcombe. Around 60 people gathered this morning, pulling a tree […]

Locals blockade Sussex shale gas drilling site

A group of anti-fracking campaigners has blockaded the road leading to Cuadrilla Resources’ drilling site in Sussex since this morning. They are trying to disrupt the firm’s activity after Cuadrilla was given consent to start drilling by the Environment Agency and the local council. As a truck carrying equipment tried to enter the drilling site […]

Cuadrilla plans more shale gas drilling

Drilling firm Cuadrilla Resources hopes to frack for shale gas at six new sites in Lancashire near Blackpool (pictured). Giving another sign that it wants to gear up its activity, the firm announced today it will “over time” apply for consent to drill, hydraulically fracture and test the gas flow at up to six new […]

Shale gas firm ramps up with Arup as environmental assessor

UK shale gas driller Cuadrilla Resources is ramping up its activity by appointing engineering firm Arup to run its Environmental Impact Assessments. Cuadrilla is one of two currently exploring in the UK (their drilling rig, pictured) and this marks a surge in development for the firm’s hopes in the UK as yesterday British Gas owner […]

Centrica eyeing UK shale gas?

The parent company of British Gas is rumoured to be eyeing up shale gas assets in the UK. Energy firm Centrica is tipped to be in talks with shale gas firm Cuadrilla Resources over its Bowland Shale licences, a source told Reuters last week. Cuadrilla is one of two firms currently exploring in the UK […]

More shale gas found in North of England

More shale gas has been found in the North West of England by exploration firm IGas which reckons there could be as much as 170 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of the unconventional gas in the acreage it has a licence for. That’s on top of 200tcf reserves which fellow exploration firm Cuadrilla Resources believes exist […]

Feel free to frack, Davey tells new industry

Energy Secretary Ed Davey today lifted a ban on fracking for shale gas in the UK effectively giving the green light to a whole new industry – with a caveat on safety. This has been expected since the Chancellor announced new tax breaks for shale gas last week. It means developers like Cuadrilla Resources (pictured) […]