Israeli forks moo-ve to 3D bioprinted ribeye steak

The technology clones and grows real cow cells in the lab

Could wind turbines be killing cows?

Some farmers in France believe electromagnetic fields coming from electrical infrastructure could be causing high rates of animal mortality

Dairy cows
Dairy farms moove towards carbon free future

Arla Foods has unveiled plans to become completely carbon neutral by 2050

Dairy cows enjoy air-con luxury in Qatar’s desert

Dairy cows are the unlikely inhabitants of huge air-conditioned sheds in the deserts of Qatar. A dairy business is aiming to provide the country’s milk after trade boycotts from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain cut off its supply. Baladna Farm, located about 55 kilometres from the capital city of Doha, uses the […]

Poop-power hydrogen gets things moo-ving in Japan

Japanese cars could soon be driving around powered by poop rather than petrol. That’s according to researchers at industrial gas manufacturer Air Water, who say converting manure from cows, pigs and chickens into hydrogen on the dairy farming island of Hokkaido could potentially help decarbonise the region’s transport sector. In January, the Environmental Preservation Centre […]

‘Super grass’ to cut cow burp and fart emissions

Scientists aim to reduce the 90 million tonnes of methane cows produce by burping and farting each year by developing a new type of grass. They say the “super grass” will be digested more efficiently by cattle so will produce less gas but more milk. The £1.6 million project, which is expected to be ready […]

Get moooving for green CO2ws

Dairy farms with higher-producing cows make smaller carbon footprints and more money, new research claims. Professor E. Cabrera at the University of Wisconsin-Madison conducted the study and said: “Implementing dairy farm management strategies that increase milk production, decrease the herd replacement rate, or improve reproductive efficiency can increase farm profits while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.” […]

Moo! Study to cut emissions from cow burps

Danish researchers have mooted an idea they believe will cut the greenhouse gases from farming cattle – by measuring their burps. One cow’s belches in a year contain so much methane they are currently equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by a small car. The global warming potential of methane is about 25 […]