The great European bake off: 2020 was the hottest year ever recorded in Europe

Globally, temperatures were an average of 1.25°C higher than in pre-industrial times, according to the EU climate agency Copernicus Climate Change Service

The heat is on: July 2020 was ‘the third warmest on record’

In the last five years, the earth has experienced the three hottest Julys on record, according to a report by the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service

Seventh EU satellite to monitor ocean and land

It will help improve the understanding of sea level changes and marine pollution which are important climate change indicators

UK-built satellite launched to map global air pollution

  A UK-built satellite has been launched from Russia with the mission to monitor the world’s air pollution. The 820kg Sentinel-5 Precursor is the sixth satellite under Europe’s leading environmental programme, Copernicus, which monitors the atmosphere to help understand the spread of key pollutants and their impact on the planet. The new satellite carries an […]

Europe launches fifth environmental satellite

Europe has launched a fifth environmental observation satellite as part of its Copernicus programme. Sentinel-2B was successfully launched earlier today by the European Space Agency and will help monitor the earth by providing high resolution colour and infrared images of land masses, oceans and waterways. The £95 million spacecraft joins its twin satellite Sentinel-2A, which […]

It’s official! 2016 was warmest year on record

Scientists have confirmed 2016 was the hottest year on record and saw the planet near a 1.5°C warming. According to latest figures from the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), part of the EU’s Copernicus earth observation programme, global temperature exceeded 14.8°C last year and was around 1.3°C higher than usual. Temperature last year was also […]

EU launches third environmental satellite

A third EU satellite which will send environmental data to help tackle climate change has been launched. It will focus on Earth’s oceans, measuring temperature, colour and sea levels. The Sentinel-3A will measure changes in ocean water temperature, seawater quality and pollution. It will also provide information needed for ocean forecasting and maritime. The satellite is […]

Big data to help businesses adapt to climate change

New data to help global businesses adapt to climate change has been published. It is part of the EU’s Copernicus programme which aims to help the energy sector identify the most profitable and sustainable sites for wind farms, hydro-electric dams and solar panels. It will also enable risk assessments to manage the impact of weather events […]

Second EU environmental satellite launched

A second satellite aimed at tackling environmental disasters and responding to emergency situations has been launched. It is part of the European Commission’s Earth observation programme “Copernicus”. Called the ‘Sentinel-2a’, the satellite was sent into orbit on a Vega rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana a year after the first one. The addition of […]

EU launches €4bn satellite scheme to monitor climate change

The European Commission has approved a €3.786 billion (£3.24bn) fund to send six satellites into space to monitor the impacts of climate change and changes to land use and oceans across the globe. Called Copernicus, the “earth observation” programme aims to help the EU monitor greenhouse gases, the atmosphere and reactive gases that influence the […]