Scottish communities granted £3.2m for climate action projects

The Community Climate Asset Fund is supporting 279 projects, which includes the delivery of electric bikes, food growing equipment to reduce carbon emission and glazing to boost energy efficiency

Environment protection key consideration when evaluating nuclear waste disposal sites

A Geological Disposal Facility will put waste hundreds of metres deep underground and will only be built where there is both a ‘willing community and a suitable site’

Prince Harry launches sustainable travel initiative

He has partnered with leading travel companies to explore and promote solutions that help drive sustainable travel practices and consumer choices

Magnox communities get £100,000 cash boost

Two community projects close to the Bradwell and Dungeness A nuclear sites have been awarded nearly £100,000. The cash boost from Magnox is part of the economic development aimed at helping build sustainable communities around former power stations. The Romney Marsh project is receiving more than £38,000 to help adults gain skills in English, Maths […]

Households in fracking areas could be paid cash directly

Householders affected by fracking developments could be paid cash directly from a £1 billion fund under proposals unveiled by the UK Government. Local communities can choose how they spend the money from the new ‘Shale Wealth Fund’, which will provide up to £10 million for each local community. The fund will amount to up to […]

DONG Energy consults on £10m community fund

The £10 million East Coast Community Fund announced by DONG Energy is now open to public consultation. The fund will ensure local people directly benefit from two of DONG Energy’s offshore wind farms, Race Bank and Hornsea Project One, which are both under construction. It plans to distribute nearly half a million pounds a year […]

Local authorities win £88m for energy efficiency

DECC yesterday confirmed the 24 local authorities that will receive a share of the £88 million fund to improve energy efficiency in households across the country. The cash, which was increased from the initial £20 million, will be used to install measures such as solid wall insulation and efficient heating systems in around 32,000 households. […]

DECC spends £20m to promote Green Deal ‘street-by-street’

DECC is inviting local authorities in England to come forward with ambitious and innovative street or area based plans and bid for a £20 million pot to boost uptake of the Green Deal. The funding is provided for a communities scheme, with local authorities expected to identify target streets and areas in their regions that […]

£128m for communities near new Hinkley Point nuclear station

Communities living near a new nuclear station at Hinkley Point in Somerset could receive benefits worth up to £128 million for hosting the power plant. The Government has announced incentives for communities around eight sites in England and Wales, worth up to £1,000 per megawatt over 40 years – the planned lifetime of Hinkley Point […]

Ed Davey: Communities have seen wind farms but not windfall

Communities with onshore wind farms have had the energy but not the benefits, according to Energy Secretary Ed Davey. His comments came alongside a consultation aimed to help communities secure financial, social and environmental benefits from having wind farms. This includes ways to help cut energy bills, maximise local businesses’ participation in wind projects and […]