EU Bank signs climate agreement with the city of Turin in Italy

The agreement will allow the institution to provide technical assistance for investments and enable better use of EU funds

Denmark vows to create world’s first ‘energy islands’

Two titanic islands will act as hubs, allowing the connection of several offshore wind farms

US and China ‘to ratify Paris climate agreement’

The US and China are expected to ratify the Paris climate change agreement at the G20 summit this weekend. Only 23 nations have so far formally ratified the deal, which will only enter into force when at least 55 countries representing 55% of greenhouse gas emissions do so. China and the US, the world’s two […]

France ratifies Paris climate agreement

France has become the first industrialised nation to ratify the Paris climate agreement. Nearly 200 countries agreed to limit global warming to “well below” 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels. More than 170 nations signed the deal in New York in April, however only 17 of them have ratified it so far. It is believed the […]