Up to £7m on offer to help foundation industries reduce energy use

They include the cement, glass, ceramics and paper sectors, which are responsible for 10% of UK carbon emissions

Could Ukraine gas crisis shatter UK ceramics?

Potteries, brick bakers, big ceramic-making kilns – all rely on steady, continuous high temperatures of at least 1000°C. This is fuelled by large quantities of natural gas. That’s one pressing reason for the British Ceramic Confederation’s (BCC) growing concern over fractious relations between Russia and Ukraine. Roughly a third of Europe’s gas comes from Russia […]

MPs ‘have it in’ for big energy users

Claims that firms which use large amounts of energy are making “windfall profits” from Government hand-outs have been branded “misleading” by industry representatives. On Friday, MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee brought out a report which stated a pot of Treasury cash to compensate firms for new carbon taxes needed tighter controls. They suggested the […]