Canada to set ‘strong’ carbon tax

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said he will impose a “strong” price on carbon. In a Canadian television interview, Mr Trudeau insisted he aims to set a national carbon tax even if provinces try to block the proposal. He added that’s an “essential element” of the Liberal Party’s climate change plan. He went on: […]

Governments raised $26bn from carbon pricing in 2015

Governments around the world raised around $26 billion (£17.9bn) from charging for carbon emissions. That’s an increase of 60% compared to the previous year, according to the World Bank. Its ‘Carbon Pricing Watch 2016’ report stated 40 countries and more than 20 cities, states and regions accounting for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions […]

World Bank discusses carbon pricing with 30 countries

The World Bank has brought together more than 30 developed and developing nations to discuss carbon pricing. Its conference in Zurich this week will address the opportunities and challenges in using carbon pricing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build carbon markets. The carbon price is a charge on businesses for producing emissions. The event […]

Governments ‘should implement carbon tax to get rid of fossil fuels’

The energy sector won’t stop using fossil fuels if governments’ policies don’t include taxes on carbon emissions. That’s according to Christopher Knittel, an energy economist at the MIT Sloan School of Management who also said: “If we don’t adopt new policies, we’re not going to be leaving fossil fuels in the ground. “We need both […]

£20 a tonne carbon tax ‘will have little impact on consumers’

A carbon tax of £20 per tonne on all fuels would have little impact on consumer prices, according to a new study. It found the “modest” UK-wide tax on fuels and production costs across all 106 industries would only increase prices by up to 0.9%, “assuming all costs were passed along supply chains fully”. The […]

Carbon tax ‘good for businesses and environment’

Implementing a carbon tax for businesses could be a good solution to tackle climate change. Veolia CEO Antoine Frérot is calling on global leaders to set a corporate carbon levy at the COP21 conference in Paris. He believes “a strong and predictable” carbon price is needed “to make depollution less costly”. Veolia proposes the tax should be […]

Carbon tax for the Big Apple?

New York should have a carbon tax to boost renewable energy, says a leading financial thinktank. The Network for Sustainable Financial Markets, an international non-partisan group of financial experts and academics, has teamed up with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby of New York City to promote the case for a tax throughout New York State. The […]

Chile signs off carbon tax

Chile enacted a tax on carbon emissions on Friday, making it the first South American nation to do so. It’s part of a swathe of tax reforms which kick in gradually over the next four years. At a signing ceremony the President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet said the whole tax package would mean “we […]

SSE advises tax reform in energy market

The ‘carbon tax’ much-loathed by businesses as an admin burden was blamed for reducing liquidity by SSE yesterday. Officially known as the carbon price floor, it is a de facto tax on emissions by large businesses which was originally meant to be recycled as a reward for businesses but was claimed by the Treasury. The […]

Australia bins carbon tax

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