Reverse vending machine hits the market to wind back the clock on waste

That’s the prediction from Andy Jacobs, CEO of ACM Environmental, the distributor of a new range of innovative devices under the EcoVend brand

Plastic six-packs ‘now fully-recyclable in UK’

Beverage packing producer Hi-Cone and recycling firm TerraCycle have teamed up to provide a service allowing consumers to send in the plastic packaging to be turned into new products

Scotland confirms 20p deposit return scheme

It will cover PET plastic bottles, like most fizzy drinks and water bottles, steel and aluminium cans and glass bottles

PepsiCo sprinkles recycling bins around USA

Soft drinks giant PepsiCo plans to put more recycling bins in petrol stations and supermarkets across the USA. It is taking action after running a national survey which found 81% of Americans said they would recycle beverage containers at shops if proper bins were available. The hope is to boost the rate of on-the-go and […]