Air quality restrictions eased for Los Angeles crematoriums due to Covid

California’s air pollution control agency said the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a backlog in bodies waiting to be cremated

Ways2H secures $2.5m for renewable hydrogen projects

Pacific6 Enterprises, a Long Beach-based social benefit investment firm is providing the funding

BP Energy Partners backs California-based Leading Edge Power Solutions

The investment will fund existing and future distributed generation installations as well as support the expansion of the company’s energy-as-a-service platform

Wildfire smoke causes California’s solar generation to plunge by a third

Smoke contains airborne particulate matter, which reduces the amount of sunlight that reaches solar panels

EPA doubts California’s proposed ban of new petrol vehicles by 2035

The US Environmental Protection Agency Administrator has sent a letter to California’s Governor questioning the legality and practicality of the plan

California to ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035

The mandate is predicted to result in a 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and an 80% improvement in nitrogen oxides levels

Lightsource BP starts construction of ‘bee-friendly’ solar farm in California

The project is designed to provide a renewable community power source while restoring pollinator habitats

US startup unveils battery made from nuclear waste that could last up to 28,000 years

The nano-diamond battery’s power comes from radioactive isotopes used in nuclear reactors

‘World’s largest’ battery storage project unveiled in California

The Gateway Energy Storage project in San Diego County, currently with a capacity of 230MW, is said to be on track to reach 250MW by the end of the month

Masdar acquires more of the US renewable market

The projects are expected to remove more than three million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually