Nearly a quarter of Brits ‘live above unused coal mines with low carbon heat potential’

The water from flooded mines can be used as a sustainable heat source, according to the British Geological Survey and the Coal Authority

Fracking: UK shale gas reserves ‘significantly lower than previous estimates’

The new research suggests only under 10 years worth of gas supply is available at the current rate of consumption instead of 50 years

Frack buddies – scientists’ clue to cheaper shale gas

Methane isn’t the only gas you can extract with fracking – there are several other types trapped in shale rock which drillers could make money from. Recently published research on samples from Lancashire’s Bowland shale rock has suggested gas explorers may be missing a trick when it comes to these Non-Methane Hydrocarbons (NMHCs). Changes to […]

‘Billions of barrels of shale oil’ in southern England

There are “billions of barrels” of oil in shale rocks under large parts of southern England, according to a new report. A study of the South by the British Geological Survey (BGS), extending from Salisbury in the west to Ashford in the east, maps out the vast areas that could potentially be targeted for fracking. […]

New online tool maps out sites for CO2 storage

A new online tool mapping out potential sites for carbon capture and storage (CCS) has been launched by The Crown Estate and the British Geological Survey. The upgrade to the ‘CO2 Stored’ website will give easier access to information about the capacity and characteristics of possible storage locations under the UK’s seabed. Users will be […]

Cuadrilla plans more shale gas drilling

Drilling firm Cuadrilla Resources hopes to frack for shale gas at six new sites in Lancashire near Blackpool (pictured). Giving another sign that it wants to gear up its activity, the firm announced today it will “over time” apply for consent to drill, hydraulically fracture and test the gas flow at up to six new […]

Energy committee set for shale gas probe

The government’s Energy and Climate Change Committee will hold the first session of its Shale Gas inquiry tomorrow at the Palace of Westminster. The committee will target four key questions: What are the implications of large discoveries of shale gas around the world for UK energy and climate change policy, including investment in renewables? What […]

EU poised to push deep geological as nuclear solution

A European Commission draft directive into nuclear waste is to urge that it should be put in deep geological sites. The report is not released until November 3 but has been leaked to news agency Reuters, which today reports that it states: “The current situation of spent fuel and radioactive waste management in EU member […]