Siemens makes first 3D-printed gas turbine blades

Siemens has completed its first full load engine tests for the world’s first 3D-printed gas turbine blades in the UK. It claims to have successfully validated multiple 3D printed blades with a conventional blade design at full engine conditions. That means the components were tested at 13,000 revolutions per minute and temperatures beyond 1,250°C. 3D […]

UK scientists plan world-beating “ultra-large” wind turbine blade

Scientists hoping to create the longest blade in the world for the next generation of wind turbines took another step closer to realising their dream this week. The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has signed a £15.5million contract with the Isle of Wight-based blade developer Blade Dynamics to work on “ultra-large” blades stretching between 80 to […]

Stealth turbine blades to reduce interference with radar

Wind turbine manufacturers Vestas have developed a rotor blade using stealth technology which could mean many more sites can be developed near airports and other radar systems without interfering in their operations.Finn Strøm Madsen, Vestas Technology R&D President said: “This is a critical step toward the commercialization of stealth turbines and holds potential to open […]