Renewable infrastructure
Ofgem reforms ‘could hit subsidy-free renewables with five-year setback’

Aurora Energy Research suggests the regulator’s Targeted Charging Review will favour low-efficiency gas gas power at the expense of onshore wind and solar energy

Smart charging ‘could save EV drivers £170 a year’

Smarter electric vehicle (EV) charging systems that ensure cars are charged during periods of peak supply could save the average owner around £170 a year. That’s according to new research, which predicts the number of battery-powered cars on UK roads will grow from around 120,000 today to 10 million by 2035. If battery costs fall […]

Tesla truck ‘will require power of 4,000 homes to recharge’

Tesla’s recently unveiled electric truck will require the equivalent power used by up to 4,000 homes to recharge. That’s according to new analysis by an energy consultancy, which calculated it based on the range and charge time for the megacharger. Aurora Energy Research said the power needed for the megacharger to fill a battery in […]