Asda joins movement to stop microfibre pollution from clothing

The supermarket is the first to join the European Outdoor Group’s Microfibre Consortium

Asda’s new pledges to fight plastic waste

Asda has become the latest supermarket to join the fight against plastic waste. It has pledged to “use less and recycle more”, aiming to reduce the amount of plastic in its packaging by 10% this year and work with suppliers and experts to find new ways to replace it and introduce more recyclable solutions. It […]

Asda and Co-op team up on sustainability data

Asda and Co-op have launched a joint initiative to enable suppliers to submit aggregated data on energy, water and waste to both retailers. They are working with 2degrees to collect the sustainability data to drive supply chain efficiencies through working collaboratively. Suppliers who serve both retailers can submit their data once, which is expected to […]

Asda owner to install 400 new solar plants

US supermarket giant Walmart has announced plans to install up to 400 new solar power plants at its facilities in the next four years. The store, which has more than 10,000 stores around the world under different brands – including Asda in the UK – has set a goal to produce or buy seven billion […]

ASDA price – supermarket pens energy data deal

Supermarket ASDA signed a five-year deal to use energy managing software at more than 660 sites today. The renewed contract with smart firm Elster EnergyICT covers at least 10,000 meters across the UK. Louise Hall, ASDA’s Energy Manager said the energy monitoring system, called EnactoTM 9.3, helped deliver “tangible energy and cost savings”. It is a cloud-hosted platform which […]

Staycation ahoy! Supermarkets drop petrol prices

The supermarkets Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s engaged in a price-cutting battle today, all chopping 2p off the price of their petrol and diesel. Drivers at any of Asda’s 234 forecourts will pay no more than 126.7 pence per litre (ppl) for unleaded and 129.7 ppl for diesel. Asda said this is the first time diesel […]

Walmart plans global LED rollout

US supermarket chain Walmart has announced plans to roll out LED lighting in around 120 stores worldwide. It will install energy efficient lighting fixtures in new stores in the US, Asia and Latin America and in its British subsidiary store, Asda. The LEDs from General Electric (GE) will use 40% less energy than those historically […]

‘No ice-dea what energy firms mean by customer service’

Businesses have “no idea” what energy companies mean by customer service as they never hear from their actual power providers. That’s according to Peter Pickthall, HR Director at R&R Ice Cream, which manufactures products for major retailers such as Tesco and Asda in the UK, including Thorntons and Fab (pictured). The company’s total gas and […]

Asda to create ‘affordable green products’ for consumers

Asda has joined forces with the University of Leeds in a bid to create more affordable and sustainable products for its customers across the UK. They aim to establish what they claim will be the “largest ever study” solely focused on consumer attitudes towards sustainability and help find ways to help households save money at […]

Asda owner Walmart hatches energy plan to save $1bn

US supermarket giant Walmart unveiled yesterday “dramatic” plans to ramp up energy efficiency and hit its target to be powered by100% renewable energy – which it believes will save $1billion (£650m) a year in energy savings once they are achieved. The supermarket which has 10,500 stores around the world under different brands – including Asda […]