Old EV batteries secure energy storage second life

The Australian Government has backed innovative battery technology with AUD$1.4 million

More than AUD$3bn of renewable hydrogen projects compete for funding from ARENA

Through the funding round, the independent agency aims to help fast-track the development of renewable hydrogen in Australia

Solar project with thermal hydro storage lands in Australia

Melbourne based start-up RayGen has secured AUD$3 million to facilitate a research study into the technology

‘World’s first’ project to turn biogas from sewage into hydrogen

Hazer is seeking to build a 100-tonne per annum facility in Australia by December 2020

Lightweight and flexible solar panels power up Australian Maritime Museum

The Wharf 7 Maritime Heritage Centre building in Darling Harbour could not use conventional solar panels due to its weight constraints and heritage status

Australia invests $9.4m in short term solar and wind energy forecasting

The trial aims to provide valuable information to the market on delivering forecasts on a five-minute basis

Victoria unveils its first giant battery storage project

The 30MW system down under is capable of powering more than 20,000 homes for an hour

Football stadium in Amsterdam scores for sustainability

The Johan Cruijff Arena has installed a system of 148 Nissan LEAF batteries to store renewable power

Australia to triple solar capacity with $92m funding

Australia aims to triple the amount of energy generated from solar by investing $92 million (£69m) in projects. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has chosen a total of 12 projects with a combined capacity of 480MW. The six plants in Queensland, five in New South Wales and one in Western Australia are expected to triple […]

Australia dumps renewable energy agency

The Australian Government has axed the agency that provides assistance to the renewables industry as well as a host of climate-based research initiatives. Called the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), it was formed in July 2012 to drive research and investment in clean energy and help bring new and emerging technologies into production. The Coalition […]