Is RWE’s wind project withdrawal a result of ‘policy uncertainty?'

Policy uncertainty in the UK energy industry is hindering investment and could be the reason why the Bristol Channel windfarm was ditched. Analyst Ben Warren, Environmental Finance Leader at EY, said uncertainty in the current energy framework is “widening the time gap” between investors “announcing their intentions and taking action” and he believes that is […]

Frack on! Osborne unveils ‘most generous’ shale gas tax break

Chancellor George Osborne has announced a 30% tax break for fracking companies in the UK in a bid to kick-start a shale gas revolution in the country. The Government said it is the “most generous” regime for shale gas “in the world” – less than half the 62% rate that the oil and gas industry […]

Caroline Flint: “part-time” Energy Minister is worrying

The decision to appoint a “part-time” Energy Minister whilst the Energy Bill is still going through Parliament is “worrying”. David Cameron replaced John Hayes with Michael Fallon as Energy Minister last week to the shock of many in the industry and in the view of Labour’s Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary Caroline Flint (pictured) […]

DECC’s energy policies will result in both winners and losers

The Government’s energy policies will result in both winners and losers as they will only benefit householders that take advantage of efficiency schemes like the Green Deal. The comment from follows DECC’s latest publication of the impact of energy and climate change policies on household bills. The analysis claims household energy bills will on […]

Centrica withdraws from UK’s nuclear plans

Centrica will not be taking part in the construction of new nuclear reactors in the UK as part of the nation’s nuclear new-build programme. The firm, which owns British Gas, made the announcement today and said the reason for its withdrawal is due to increasing costs and construction delays. It had the option of taking […]

Is the Green Deal the most cost effective loan?

The Government’s energy efficiency initiative has officially been launched today but some in the industry are questioning if the scheme offers the most cost effective loan. The Green Deal is a way for householders to pay for energy efficient home improvements such as insulation through savings on their energy bills but there have been concerns […]

Customers ‘misguided’ to think new energy tariffs will cut bills

Consumers are “misguided” it they think the Government’s new proposals for energy tariffs will cut prices. That’s according to an energy and carbon management firm which believes Energy Secretary Ed Davey’s plans for suppliers to offer customers their cheapest gas and electricity tariffs and limit these to four main tariffs per fuel type won’t be […]

Government can’t ignore Climate Committee’s warning

The UK Government cannot ignore the Climate Change Committee’s warning about its “dash for gas” plans. That’s according to environmental group Friends of the Earth who commented after the Committee released a letter yesterday showing concerns about the Government’s plans for more investment in gas. Andrew Pendleton, the group’s Head of Campaigns said: “This is […]

Mind my bulbs: EU bans wasteful lightbulbs

Selling incandescent lightbulbs in the UK is now banned after an EU law came into effect on Saturday. Shops will no longer be allowed to order new stocks of energy intensive incandescent light bulbs of 40 watts or lower. Buying higher wattage bulbs had already been outlawed. Energy efficient bulbs use only a fifth of […]

Iconic Brit statues awarded ‘green’ medals

Queen Victoria and Sir Winston Churchill were among some of the iconic Brits to be given the ‘Clean British Energy’ (CBE) medals in a new campaign yesterday. The red, white and blue medals were given as part of a campaign by green group Friends of the Earth and renewable energy supplier Good Energy to call […]