Charity claims biofuel ‘land grab’ has left thousands hungry in Sierra Leone

A Swiss biofuels firm has been accused of leaving thousands hungry in Sierra Leone – one of Africa’s poorest countries – by the charity ActionAid. But Addax Bioenergy has stringently rebuffed the criticism in an open letter to ActionAid and has described the report as “flawed in many respects”. Addax will soon begin the first commercial shipping […]

UK biofuels ‘could destroy 1.6m hectares of natural habitat’

The UK’s use of biofuels could destroy 1.6m hectares of the world’s wildlife habitat by 2020, an area bigger than the size of Northern Ireland, according to research from the Institute for European Environmental Policy. These ‘green’ fuels would additionally create 13 mega tonnes of CO2 per year, the equivalent of having an extra six […]