Drivers to be paid £3,000 to give up their cars

Drivers of diesel and petrol cars will reportedly be given ‘credits’ to spend on greener transport modes

EVs will outnumber diesel cars by 2030

Number of petrol and diesel cars is predicted to see a drop of 16.6 million units by January 2030, new report suggests

AA-Chargemaster book in EV chargers for hotels and B&Bs

Sandford Springs Hotel in Kingclere, Hamspshire, is the first to benefit from the offer

Petrol prices could rise by 5p over summer

Petrol prices at the pump could rise by 5p a litre in the coming weeks, hitting holiday motorists in the middle of summer. The warning from the AA comes as a surge in wholesale cost of petrol across Europe has already led to a rise in petrol and diesel prices in the UK, with more […]

Fuel duty rise scrapped again

A rise in fuel duty due to be introduced in September, has been cancelled by the Chancellor. In his Budget speech yesterday, George Osborne said petrol would now be 13 pence per litre cheaper than it would have been had the fuel duty not been frozen in the last two years. He said: “For a […]

Petrol costs up 6.24p since last month

Drivers are being warned that fuel prices could soon reach their highest level as the average cost of petrol has risen 6.24p a litre since last month. According to the AA’s latest ‘Fuel Price Report’, January alone saw a 5p rise, bringing the average cost of petrol in the UK to 138.32p a litre compared […]

UK drivers ‘bitterly disappointed’ by road fuel report

Consumers in the UK will be “bitterly disappointed” that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) will not be launching a full-scale review of petrol and diesel pricing in the UK. That’s the view of fuel poverty campaigners and those in the automotive industry, which follows new evidence suggesting there are no problems with competition in […]

Petrol sales slide could have cost Treasury £1billion

A “huge” drop in petrol sales in the UK earlier this year could have cost Treasury coffers by more than £1billion since 2008. Statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change show more than two billion fewer litres of petrol and diesel were sold on forecourts in the first half of this year compared […]

Petrol price drop by 4p again

UK fuel prices have fallen by more than 4p a litre for the second time this year, according to the AA. The motoring group said this could be due to the Transport Secretary’s pressure for fuel price transparency following an AA campaign. It’s Fuel Price Report shows the average UK petrol prices have fallen 4.36p […]

Cutting fuel duty most desired Budget outcome

A recent poll from YouGov has revealed that more people want to see a cut to fuel duty above any other tax cut. The study, conducted yesterday, showed 31% of people interviewed wanted to see a reduction to duty in light of high pump prices. When asked who was most to blame for the current […]