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The Policy Chat: Georgina Penfold – Spraga Energy

If you are a subscriber to Energy Live Policy, this webinar is exclusively for you. Join Sumit Bose and Georgina Penfold as they take your questions on all things policy. You will receive a link to access the webinar. If you do not receive it, please email [email protected] and he will send you the link. If you are not already a member of Energy Live Policy, please email Geoff on the above email for more details on how to sign up.

The Scottish Play: Zoe Chadwick – The Energy Desk – Click here to register.

Managing both sides of the bill: three steps to minimise non-commodity costs in 2016: Matt Osborne and David Oliver – Inenco – Click here to register.

Water competition is coming – are you going with the flow?: Tony McHardy – United Utilities – Click here to register.

A Conversation with Neil Clitheroe – Digitalisation, Decentralisation & Trust:
Neil Clitheroe – ScottishPower & Sumit Bose – ELN – Click here to register.

A Fracking Good Time: Chris Faulkner – Breitling Energy – Click here to register.

Private Wire PPAs – save energy costs with secure and sustainable energy: Nick Boyle – Lightsource Renewable Energy – Click here to register.

The Living Grid is a movement that aims to create a new approach to our energy system:  Martin Hunt –  Forum for the Future and David Hill – Open Energi – Click here to register.

Water way to market: Dan Mason – Ofwat – Click here to register.

Brexit? Energy, finance and the future: David Miller and Tony Lodge – Centre for Policy Studies – Click here to register.

Is sustainability sustainable?: Lesley Rudd – Sustainable Energy Association – Click here to register.

TPIs: transparency and trust: Giles Hankinson – Utility Aid and Emily Groves – Indigo Swan – Click here to register.

Infrastructure or Bust?: Keith Waller – The Infrastructure & Projects Authority – Click here to register.

Power to the people: Sir Ed Davey – Click here to register.