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Wolseley refunds 99% of CHMM claims

The heating merchant has announced the completion of 90% of Clean Heat Market Mechanism refunds, aiming for full completion by 19th April

Wolseley Group, a plumbing and heating merchant in the UK, has reported the successful issuance of the majority of Clean Heat Market Mechanism (CHMM) related refunds.

As of current standing, 99% of refunds have been processed, with the remaining refunds targeted for completion by 19th April.

The company has credited refunds to customers with existing trade accounts while urging cash-paying customers to apply for refunds by 30th June.

The CHMM scheme, initiated by the government on 1st January 2024, imposed fines on boiler manufacturers failing to meet air source heat pump sales targets.

This move led to price increases by several manufacturers, colloquially termed as a ‘boiler tax‘ by some media outlets.

In response to government consultations regarding the potential delay of the CHMM scheme until 1st April 2025, Wolseley Group promptly removed CHMM levy charges for certain boiler brands and pledged refunds for charges incurred since 1st January 2024.

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