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British Gas and Pod Point launch flexibility trial

The trial seeks to optimise EV charging, providing customers with more affordable energy choices, all while helping to balance the UK's energy grid

A joint trial by Pod Point and British Gas has been launched to optimise electric vehicle (EV) charging.

The trial, involving over 2,000 customers, aims to offer more affordable energy options.

By utilising Centrica’s Demand Side Response (DSR) platform, participants can shift their electricity use to off-peak times.

Stavros Sachinis, Demand Side Response Director from Centrica, added: “EV uptake is a key part of the UK’s drive to net zero. Our partnership with Pod Point supports this and represents a strategic step towards a more sustainable and flexible energy future.

“By optimising EV charging we’re aiming to provide our customers with greater control over their energy usage and costs while also accelerating the journey towards a greener future.”

Pilgrim Beart, VP, Grid Business Unit, Pod Point said: “Flexibility will play a pivotal role in supporting the widespread adoption of EVs and renewables in the longer term.”

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