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Jolting the Thames: Electric project to power London’s grid

A project, Electric Thames, aims to introduce electric vessels on the River Thames to supply clean energy to London's grid

The Electric Thames project, led by UK Power Networks, LCP Delta and Marine Zero, explores the use of electric vessels on the River Thames to support London’s transition to net zero emissions.

By storing excess green energy during periods of renewable energy generation and discharging it during peak demand, the project aims to enhance the city’s energy capacity while aligning with environmental goals.

With funding from the Ofgem Strategic Innovation Fund, the project is in its initial discovery phase, surveying Thames vessel and quay operators to inform infrastructure modifications.

Stakeholders anticipate the project’s potential to create new revenue streams and inform broader decarbonisation efforts nationwide.

The majority of vessels, quaysides, and ports along the Thames, accommodating a bustling freight sector and facilitating eight million passenger trips annually, currently depend on fossil fuels for operation.

Luca Grella, Head of Innovation at UK Power Networks, said: “This is a first-of-its-kind project in the UK, and one that is operating at the forefront of energy innovation.

“Tapping into this potential will not only help us create a cleaner Thames for everyone but will also give us an additional supply of flexible, green energy which will help our transition to a decarbonised energy system.”

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