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Bradford’s mega hydrogen plant greenlit

The Bradford Hydrogen Production Facility has been approved by Bradford Council, aiming to remove up to 800 diesel-fuelled buses daily from West Yorkshire roads

Bradford Council has approved the Bradford Hydrogen Production Facility, a collaboration between Hygen and N-GEN, led by Renewable Connections.

Situated on the old Birkshall gas storage site, the facility aims to produce low carbon hydrogen for transportation and industry, with refuelling stations for local businesses managed by Ryze.

Supported by government funding, the facility will utilise electrolysis to produce approximately 12.5 tonnes of hydrogen daily from renewable electricity.

The hydrogen production facility aims to generate sufficient hydrogen to eliminate up to 800 diesel-fuelled buses daily from West Yorkshire roads.

Michael Hughes, Director at Renewable Connections said: “The Bradford hydrogen production facility will support local climate change ambitions and be a valuable boost to the economy.”

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