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Net Hero Podcast – Fashion that doesn’t cost the Earth?

Fancy donning a banana blouse or seaweed suit? I discuss if these could be the clothing sources in our net zero future...

Can you look good without killing the planet? We all know the cost of fast fashion not just on resources but also on people, from child labour, to using chemical polluting dyes, it’s an industry that has come under scrutiny a lot over recent years.

But there is another side to it that is perhaps less discussed, that’s the enormous carbon footprint. Clothes are generally made from natural or synthetic fibres. The latter we all know are mainly by products from the hydrocarbon industry but natural fibres like silk and cotton also have a huge emissions impact.

On this week’s podcast Ietje Klaver is my guest and she’s from a company called Pyratex, which is trying to cut the carbon from our clothes right at the start of the journey – the original fibres. They are using recycled cotton fibres from old clothes, ones grown from seaweed, orange and banana waste and using new techniques trying to make textiles which can be reused again and again.

So could this innovation keep fashion on the right side of the climate catwalk? Listen in and subscribe!

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