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Chief climate adviser Chris Stark steps down

Chris Stark is set to assume the position of Chief Executive at the Carbon Trust later this year

Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the Climate Change Committee (CCC), has resigned after serving for the past six years.

As the chief climate adviser to the UK Government, Stark played a crucial role in shaping the nation’s climate policies.

During his tenure, Stark led the committee’s recommendation for the ambitious UK net zero target for greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

This recommendation was enshrined into law under Prime Minister Theresa May, positioning the UK as the first major economy to commit to such a goal.

Mr Stark departs as he prepares to take on a new role as Chief Executive at the Carbon Trust later this year.

His expertise has been integral to the CCC’s work, which includes providing independent advice on the detailed path to achieve net zero in the Sixth Carbon Budget.

Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the CCC, said: “It’s been a privilege to lead the CCC team over such an important period. I’m so proud of the analysis and advice we have produced in the last six years.”

Environmental Audit Committee Chair, Philip Dunne, said: “Chris Stark has taken the CCC from strength to strength over the last six years.

“His diligent work has helped provide the UK Government and Parliament with unparalleled analysis and evidence based recommendations on how the UK can best tackle climate change in sectors throughout the economy.”

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