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Nearly 228k electricity smart meters installed in November

In November, Britain saw 228,000 smart meter installations, marking a slight decrease from the previous month, according to a report

The electricity smart meter rollout in Britain maintained its pace in November, recording 228,000 installations.

This figure, while slightly less than the previous month, represents a 2% increase from November of the previous year.

Notably, November marked the completion of the 22-millionth installation since the inception of the smart meter programme over a decade ago.

As of September 2023, data from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero indicated that almost 34 million smart or advanced meters are now operational in domestic and SME properties across Britain.

This implies that 59% of all meters possess smart or advanced capabilities.

Year-to-date statistics reveal that 2.24 million smart meter installations occurred in 2023, surpassing the 2.21 million recorded during the same period last year.

Breaking down installations in November, the East of England led with 30,000 installations, followed by Southern England with 25,000 and the East Midlands with 22,000.

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