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Net Hero Podcast – The bugs that will grow clothes made from thin air!

Meet the bugs making products from Greenhouse gases! Join my chat with Mark Herrema and explore the world of 'Air Carbon'

Imagine having tea, in a cup, while sitting on a table, wearing trainers, that are all made from greenhouse gases!

Bonkers, right? Well maybe that’s around the corner. This week’s guest is Mark Herrema from a company called Newlight Technologies, which has taken carbon capture into a whole new dimension, by using bacteria to absorb carbon emissions and convert them into a plastic like material.

They call the process Air Carbon and have used it to make products like cups, straws and plates so far but the possibilities, are endless. The team have discovered bacteria that like to ‘eat’ methane and CO2, absorbing it from the air and convert it into an amazing array of products.

It’s taken two decades of science but they are finally ready to start making things at scale. I loved it! Hope you will find the story as fascinating as I did, listen or watch now.

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