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Octopus partners with Idris Elba to build Sierra Leone’s first wind farm

The initiative aims to bring renewable energy to the region

Octopus Energy‘s generation arm has partnered with Sherbro Alliance Partners (SAP), a development company co-founded by Idris Elba and Siaka Stevens, to establish Sierra Leone’s first wind farm as part of the Sherbro Island City project.

The collaboration announced during COP28, aims to accelerate Sierra Leone’s renewable energy development.

The project, scheduled for 2024, involves the installation of up to five wind turbines, solar panels and batteries to generate clean electricity for local communities.

The specific site location on Sherbro Island is under consideration.

Octopus Energy’s involvement marks its inaugural entry into renewables in Africa, expanding its $7.5 billion (£5.9bn) green energy portfolio across global regions.

This collaboration aligns with Sierra Leone’s goal to achieve 85% renewable electricity capacity by 2030, addressing the challenge where approximately 28% of the population currently has access to electricity.

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