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Making waves: Subsea battery triumphs in UK North Sea test

A renewable energy project has successfully concluded a four-month trial in the UK North Sea, demonstrating the feasibility of utilising a subsea battery system powered by a wave energy device

A subsea power project successfully completed its initial four-month test program in the UK North Sea.

The project demonstrated the viability of a subsea battery storage system, which could reliably power subsea equipment by recharging through a wave energy device.

The innovative initiative involved connecting the Blue X wave energy converter, developed by Mocean Energy in Edinburgh, with the Halo underwater battery from Verlume, an intelligent energy management specialist in Aberdeen.

This project deployed the technologies five kilometres off the East coast of Orkney, Scotland in February.

The test programme, known as Renewables for Subsea Power, aimed to showcase the potential of using renewables to power subsea equipment.

Key objectives included demonstrating the capability of providing renewable energy to subsea electronics modules, as well as using the system to charge and communicate with autonomous underwater vehicles.

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