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Ofgem invites input on helping consumers become flexible energy users

The energy regulator has asked for input from stakeholders on how to assist consumers in adopting flexible energy consumption practices

Ofgem has invited various stakeholders to contribute their insights to the ongoing evolution of domestic energy consumption practices.

Ofgem has stressed that while it does not intend to prescribe the specific path of the domestic Demand Side Response (DSR) journey, it is committed to ensuring a thoughtful and planned approach.

Marzia Zafar, Deputy Director of Digitalisation and Innovation at Ofgem, emphasised the importance of making the transition attractive and straightforward for consumers, highlighting that unlocking high consumer engagement is crucial for success.

Ms Zafar added: “It is not Ofgem’s role to specify what this domestic DSR journey should look like, but it is important that it is not left to chance.

“Therefore, as the regulator, we are seeking input from a wide range of stakeholders including those working in the industry, the providers of smart home and transport assets, consumer representatives and other parties interested in flexibility.”

The period for submitting input is currently underway and is set to conclude on Friday 29th September.

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