EU adopts 11th package of sanctions against Russia, including energy measures

These measures involve the end of oil imports by pipeline for Germany and Poland

The EU has today announced the implementation of new energy measures as part of its 11th package of sanctions against Russia.

These measures aim to strengthen the enforcement of existing sanctions and mitigate potential disruptions to energy supplies.

One key energy measure included in the 11th package is the termination of the option for Germany and Poland to import Russian oil through pipelines.

To ensure the continued operation of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC), which transports oil from Kazakhstan to the EU via Russia, specific and targeted derogations have been inserted into the existing export bans.

These derogations enable the maintenance of the pipeline, allowing for the uninterrupted flow of oil while maintaining the effectiveness of the sanctions.

Another aspect of the package is the extension of an exception to the oil price cap for Sakhalin oil, catering specifically to Japan.

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