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Europe on track to surpass 30GW annual PV manufacturing goal by 2025

Europe is poised to exceed its target of annual manufacturing capacity in the photovoltaic sector, with more than 20 new projects in the pipeline

The European Solar PV Industry Alliance (ESIA) has revealed that Europe is in a strong position to exceed its target of annual photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing capacity by 2025.

According to new data from ESIA members, the industry is on track to build over 30GW of annual manufacturing capacity across the PV value chain, with more than 20 new PV pipeline projects in the works.

However, achieving these ambitions will require assertive action and policy support, according to the ESIA.

The ESIA’s action plan focuses on improving international supply chain competitiveness, closing the gap in costs, implementing non-price criteria for high-quality PV products, addressing supply chain challenges, strengthening financing support and developing the necessary skills and workforce.

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