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Energy bills confusion strikes 76% of customers

Almost half of all consumers admitted to experiencing a negative emotional response when reading their bills, according to a survey

Nearly 76% of consumers struggle to understand the information presented in their energy bills.

That’s according to a new survey by Which? that highlights the negative emotional impact these bills can have.

Nearly half of all consumers, or 48%, admitted to experiencing stress and anxiety when reading their bills.

The report suggests that clearer communication from energy companies could alleviate consumer confusion and improve overall satisfaction.

By simplifying billing statements, energy firms can help customers better comprehend their bills.

According to the study, 41% of consumers who found the messages from their energy provider easy to understand reported experiencing stress when dealing with their energy bills.

In contrast, this figure almost doubled to 70% for those who found their energy communications difficult to comprehend.

Furthermore, the study highlighted a correlation between bill clarity and consumer trust in their energy provider.

Among consumers who found their bills unclear, a staggering 74% expressed a lack of trust in their energy provider. In contrast, only 30% of those who found their bills clear reported similar trust issues.

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