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UK braces for blackouts amid power cable concerns

Experts have warned that attack on undersea power cables could cause widespread economic losses, isolation of communities and potential civil unrest

Concerns are mounting that Russia is gearing up for an attack on the UK’s undersea power cables, fueled by recent incidents of Russian vessels conducting surveillance near British shores.

Last week, British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace issued a warning, stating that Russia possesses both the intention and capability to sabotage critical infrastructure in the West.

The impact of such an attack on the UK would be nothing short of catastrophic, experts have warned.

Dr Dwayne Ryan Menezes from the Polar Research and Policy Initiative told MailOnline hospitals, schools, banks and public transport are just a few of the sectors vulnerable to damage.

Dr Menezes explains that damaging the undersea telecommunications and power cables would have disastrous consequences for the UK.

This includes internet outages, power blackouts, disruption of homes, businesses, and communities, as well as disruption of telephone, mobile, and internet services, public transport, emergency services, hospitals, schools, universities and local governments.

A government spokesperson told ELN: “Our priority will always be maintaining our national security.

“That is why we increased Royal Navy presence patrols after the Nord Stream incident and have invested £65 million in the first of our two Multi-Role Ocean Surveillance ships.”

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