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Britons urged to stop flushing the loo every time to save water

A senior water executive at Thames Water has urged Britons to consider not flushing the toilet after urinating and taking shorter showers to reduce water consumption

Britons have been urged to alter their water consumption habits to guarantee future sustainable water supplies.

Thames Water’s Strategy and Regulatory Affairs Director, Cathryn Ross, told The Times that current levels of water consumption in the UK are “unsustainable,” with the average person in the UK using 142 litres per day.

The government has set a target of reducing average water demand by 20% by 2038.

Ross’s call to action comes amidst the driest months the UK have experienced, and she has suggested that people reduce water usage by taking shorter showers and not flushing the toilet every time.

Ms Ross said: “The biggest thing that everybody can do to reduce their water consumption is shorter showers and not flushing the loo every time.”

Thames Water serves over 15 million customers in London and the South East and has invested heavily in infrastructure, but Ross insists that investment alone is not enough to ensure future water supplies.

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