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Rolls-Royce eyeing Finland for mini-nuclear reactors construction

The company is awaiting a government decision on investment for their small modular reactors

Rolls-Royce is considering expanding its small modular reactor (SMR) plan into Finland.

Nordic energy company Fortum and nuclear power arm Rolls-Royce SMR have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore opportunities for the deployment of small modular reactors in Finland and Sweden.

Fortum is conducting a newbuild feasibility study exploring the prerequisites for new nuclear in both countries.

Rolls-Royce SMR is looking to bring a factory-built SMR capable of generating 470MW of low carbon electricity to the market.

Rolls Royce SMR is awaiting the UK government’s decision on whether to invest in the smaller, less expensive modular reactors costing £1.8 billion per 470 MW units.

The company has received £210 million of taxpayer cash, but Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has stated that all projects will undergo a competitive tender process.

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