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Sun power shines brightly in German energy market

Lightsource bp plans to enter Germany's market, bringing the company's European footprint to ten countries

Lightsource bp has today unveiled plans to expand into Germany, establishing a new local team and base in Berlin.

The move marks the company’s entry into its 10th European country, with most of the markets opening up after Lightsource and bp formed a joint venture five years ago.

The German Federal Government has acknowledged the need for significant expansion in renewable energy technologies and has set a target of 215GW of solar by 2030, with only 66.5GW currently in place.

The country aims to generate 80% of its electricity demand from wind and solar by 2030, making it a significant step towards achieving its ambitious energy transition.

Lightsource bp’s Chief Executive Officer Nick Boyle has emphasised the need for Germany’s transition towards renewable energy and praised Economics Minister Robert Habeck’s decisions in providing the right framework conditions.

Mr Boyle has stated that Lightsource bp, having successfully launched corresponding projects in many other European countries, is eager to do the same in Germany and become a reliable partner for municipalities, landowners, and energy companies who share their goal of large-scale implementation.

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